The City of Calgary launches updated "search-centric"

Posted by Jeff Mikolajow on Monday, August 15th, 2011 at 12:12pm.

The City of Calgary's new "search-centric" site powered by Google's Search Appliance is featured on the Official Google Enterprise Blog today.

Interesting research showed:

- Over 93% of Calgarians use the Internet. 
- Only 18% of traffic came directly to our home page - 55% of people came from search engines, primarily Google
- Citizens want to interact with us online, instead of spending time on the phone or in-person - 60% noted better convenience, such as not having to drive to a city facility. Others noted speed and 24/7 availability. 
- More than 40% of Calgary citizens said they wanted more services online.

After a short beta period, "Early metrics show that only 4% of visits to the old used the internal search engine. In comparison, 65% of visitors to the new used the the GSA, and the search results page is the second most visited page after the home page."

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