How To View a Map of Cell Towers in Calgary

Posted by Jeff Mikolajow on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018 at 3:23pm.

Calgary cell phone towersAs our lives get more mobile and landline phones become a thing of the past, Canadian cell phone providers have to work hard to install new towers to keep their customers happy.

New providers bid and compete against the established (Telus, Bell and Rogers) for wireless spectrum and have to install towers around Calgary to gain customers. No one wants a phone that won't work in their basement!

To view a map of cell phone towers in Calgary, click on the image below. You can zoom in on locations and filter by network to see who owns that tower looking over a neighbourhood. 

While this isn't a coverage map, it does give you an idea of which carriers have the best coverage in areas in and around Calgary. Buying a new home? Take a look at your phone while walking around the house (especially in the basement!) to see if your current cellphone provider has coverage!

Calgary cell phone tower map

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