How to find your City of Calgary garbage & recycling pick up day. (And green bin, too!)

Posted by Jeff Mikolajow on Friday, February 7th, 2014 at 8:19am.

(Updated for 2017!)

Buyers of a new home and even existing Calgary home owners are sure to occasionally ask themselves "When is my garbage pick-up day?". Perhaps you've lived in a home for years but forgotten after having such a great time on vacation? 

The easiest way to check which day your garbage, recycling or green cart is being picked up by the City of Calgary is to visit From here, you can input your address to see a calendar of pickup days as well as instructions & tips for your garbage, recycling and food & yard waste.

To make life easier, you're able to download an Android or iOS app to remind you of pickup days - or set up a Google / iCal calendar that will sync to your phone to keep you automatically informed.

Before the City of Calgary updated their website, this was the quickest way to find out your garbage & recycling pick up days but is still good for other important property-specific info such as your Alderman, Ward, active & closed building permits, zoning designation and other community/neighbourhood information). 

Go to the City of Calgary portal and type your address in the search bar (you may have to skip the street type because it sometimes gets confused if you get the abbreviation wrong)

Follow the link to your search address which should be displayed under "It looks like you may be searching for an address"

You'll now see a map of your neighbourhood and your address is already populated - select "Go" and then "Property Details".

In the location tab - which has opened by default - you can scroll down a few lines to see your garbage recycling collection day!

Hope that helps!

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